Friday, 14 April 2006

Happy New Year

A very happy and prosperous new year to all the Tamils and Malayalees around the world. Varusha Pirappu has never been greater than being celebrated at home.

During new year's eve, amma would prepare a tray filled with fruits, sweets, jewelleries, money and a mirror at the altar. At dawn, she would wake us up one by one and guide us to the altar while reminding us not to open our eyes. As soon as we reach the altar, we were to open our eyes, look at the filled tray and to look at ourselves in the mirror. The reason is to start the new year properously. So that the whole year would be filled with prosperity. It seems that whatever we see and do on the new year determines how the year would be.

Later, after having our bath and prayers, we would help amma with her massive cook out, of course vegetarian. We would invite our neighbours for lunch. Everyone has to sit on the floor. Rice, sambar, rasam, yoghurt, ghee, an array of vegetable dishes and pappadam served on fresh banana leave. Then, on the same curry stained leave, ulundu vadei and payasam would be served as dessert. Ahhh........ nostalgia.

This year, luckily varusha pirapu falls on the same day as Good Friday. Which means hubby and I do not work. I planned a week ago to celebrate it with morning prayers, a vegetarian lunch with vadei and payasam (my favourite indian dessert combo).

On this auspicious day, I would like to share amma's ulundu vadei recipe with everybody. She is indeed a vadei pro. I hope to make vadei half as good as her.

Ulundu Vadei (Black Gram Vadei)

What do we need:
1 cup black gram
1 onion
1 green chilli
1/2 inch ginger
1 tsp salt

How do we do it

Finely chop the onion, chilli and ginger piece. Set aside.

Soak the dal for about 2 hours. Grind it with minimum water. Gradually add little water at a time, if neceassary, until it becomes a very soft, smooth and fluffy paste. Ensure that the paste is not watery. Mix the dal paste, the chopped ingredients and salt.

Heat oil on medium. Place a piece of cling film at the back of a flat surfaced bowl. Take a small portion of the mixture and place it on the cling film. With wet fingers, flatten the mixture and shape round. Then, make a hole in the centre. Slowly slide the vadei into the heated oil. Fry it until brown, turning around once.

Remove and serve hot.

Ulundu Vadei with Payasam

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்


Sarah said...

Happy new year.. May you have peace and happiness

Much as I try..I can't get the vada shaped like you do..I miss eating the vada at the pasar malam!!!

Tanuja said...

Happy New Year Puspha.

Sumi said...

Hi Pushpa,
Wish u and ur family a happy new year, ur vadai looks tempting.I missed my mom's vadai and payasam so much today

Menu Today said...

Hi Puspha,
Happy new year.

Vineela said...

Hey Pushpa,
Puthandu nal vazhthukkal to u and ur family.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Hi Puspa, Happy Newyear to you and your family.

Tazz said...

Happy New Year!

Luv2cook said...


Happy New Year to you and your family.

I just read Priya's post on Vishu and it sounded exactly like yours.

Pamela said...

Happy New Year Pushpa,
Health, happiness and best wishes for you and your family!

Vee said...

Happy new Year ...May the new year bring all the joy and happiness you wish for...

Vada looks really good

ramya said...


தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துகள்!

piriyamudan amma said...

HI, first time visit! U hv a nice blog. Happy New year!

Lera said...

New year Greetings! The Vadas are superb....

Puspha said...

Sarah: Thank u & same to u chechi.
My siblings & I have never ever eaten vadei made by anyone else except our mom.

Tanuja, Sumi, menu today, Vineela, Priya, Evelyn, luv2cook, pamela & Ramya: Thank u very much for all ur wishes.

Vee, Piriyamudan Amma & Lera: Many thanx & welcome to my blog.

Kitchenmate said...

Hi Pushpa: Puthandu Nal Valthukal (belated)!!

Nandita said...

Dear Pushpa,
May you have a wonderful year ahead, the stuff you put down in Tamil is great!! how did u manage?

Puspha said...

Karthi: Nandri & same to u too.

Nandita: Thank u. I just wrote my wishes in tamil as it is tamil new year.

Revathi said...

Puthandu vazhthukkal Pusiva !!!!

Puspha said...

Revathi: Nandri

kanda said...

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Anonymous said...

thank you for publishing this recipe! i hv been craving for this vadei for a long time and being in a foreign land miles away from home makes me miss this vadei so much! at least now i cd enjoy making and feasting on this vadei!
thanks again pushpa!

birmingham, UK

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