Thursday, 16 February 2006

What A Sale!!!!!

Went for grocery shopping after work yesterday evening. Was raining lightly when S & I reached Carrefour. Just as we entered, saw a counter full of books, unarranged. Just glanced thru and found a cookbook and the price was just CHF2.00. I thought, "am I seeing what I'm seeing?" Though I was hungry, at a sudden I became so energetic and started to dig thru the books. Well, all of them were in German but it doesn't matter. I was amazed with all the deliciously looking foodie pictures. After spending 15 minutes, decided to take 6 of them. All written by Anne Wilson.

From left to right, Sweet & Savoury Quiches, Cocktails (for S),
Salads, Juices, Drinks & Cocktails (for S) and Children Party Snacks.

I am so very happy that my cookbook collection has increased. Hoping for more to come, hahahaha.


culinary said...

alamak, you grab like tat also can, i think i hv to show show those cookbook i grab the other time.....hahaha

Puspha said...

Yeah, I wanna c lah. Show show show!!! :)

haku ko said...

wat a collection!
can i borrow some?

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