Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Deepavali 2009

This year is a special Deepavali to me as I get to celebrate it for the first time in my own place after marriage. Though busy at work, I still managed to make some festive delicacies.

Clockwise from top: Ghee Balls, Achi Muruku, Pineapple Jam Tarts & Muruku
Centre from left to right: Blackforest Cookies, Orange Cookies & Custard Cookies

Wishing Hindus Thoughout The Globe a Very Happy & Prosperous Deepavali


Linda said...

Hi Pushpa!

So glad to hear you enjoyed a special time this year -- your sweets look *delicious* :)

Anonymous said...

Your murukku looks so nice & crispy. My mom uses Babas but it turns out hard. Don't know what we're doing wrong. What do you use. Any tips? Thanks. Puvanes.

Puspha said...

Thanx a lot, Linda.

Puvanes, actually, this is the 1st time I made premix muruku(baba's). Normally I used to make from scratch. I prefer the original

Sumi said...

ur diwali spread looks wonderful

Blues Riders said...

Hello Puspha, How I wish to taste the marukku, my favourite Indian cookies. We also served it during hari raya.

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