Thursday, 9 November 2006

I'm Back!!!!

Hello everybody, here I am back to the action. I am terribly sorry for keeping very quiet for nearly 3 months. The reason was that I was not feeling very well. Thank you very much to all of you out there throughout the world that showed their concern to me. I appreciate all your comments and e-mails. Tremendously sorry that I could not reply them.

Now, back to present. As a comeback gift, I would like to share a very simple, aromatic and ever smiling goodie with all.

Steamed Rose Sponge Cupcake

What do we need:

1 cup plain flour
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup fizzy or soda water
1 egg
2 tbsp rose syrup
1 tsp sponge cake stabilizer (optional)

How do we do it:

Mix all the ingredients together. Beat until it becomes a frothy mixture and doubles in volume. Spoon the batter into paper cups until 2/3 full. Steam on high for 10 minutes.

Cool completely before serving.


Bawani said...

Welcome back, Pushpa!! Hope you are feeling better now. The cupcake looks great :)

Take care,


Thank u very much for ur concern, Bawani.

Chandrika said...

Welcome back, Pushpa! Your cupcakes look so light and delicious!

Thanx, Chandrika. They r indeed very light & spongy.

rp said...

Just because you served those delicious cupcakes, we will forgive you for not keeping us posted about what was going on! Just kidding. :) Hope you feel better now. All the best.

Thanx a lot, rp. Well, I know the trick. ;o)

Sarah said...

Phew.. Glad to hear you are ok.. Enna vishesham eh??
Missed you pushpa..

I too missed all of u. Hehehe chechi, if nearly 3 mths disappeared means sure lah got vishesham. As a doctor, I'm sure u know wat it culd b eh?? ;o)

Priya S&S said...

RP is absolutely right :)

Good to have u back Pushpa and hope you are feeling better now!

Those cupcakes look very pretty, love that color !

Thanx a lot for ur concern, Priya. I'm definately feeling better but not as before yet.

I too love the colour!

Anonymous said...

hi pushpa
As soon as i saw on priya's site(dailygirl blog) that your site had been updated, i rushed here;) happy that my favourite blogger is back in action:)) missed your posts girl! btw your rose spongecake looks delicious:)


Thank u very much, Paati. I feel very much honoured.

Alison said...

Pushpa... so many new things in one.. I have never heard of using soda in baking. Never heard of sponge cake stabilizers. Heard of steaming cakes, but not much. Wow... this sounds like a recipe worth trying! I am sure we can vary the flavors by adding orange or other extract instead of the rose syrup!

Thank u & welcome to the blog, Alison.

I've used the soda as a leavening agent. The cake stabilizer is optional. It is used to hold the beaten egg from falling over. Steamed cupcakes are supposed to break & smile. Yeah, of course u can use ur own variation of flavours.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pushpa.Miss you so muchlah..yr cooking..hehehe.
rgds siti.

Terima kasih banyak, Siti. R u writing from Malaysia?

archana said...

Good to see you back Pushpa, i am totally impresed by this recipe, and so i am forgiving your long absense this time. Can't wait to read your baking session posts.

Many thanx to u, Archana. WBS is coming!!

Menu Today said...

Hi Puspah,
Welcome back... Cup cake colour looks nice. Take care of your health.Missed your posts...

Thank u so much, Menu Today. Missed all of u as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pushpa, why didn't you drop a line? We were so worried. Hope you're feeling okay now. Take care. No hurry, post at leisure :)

I am so lucky to have people like u (whoever u r) to worry bout me. Yes, I'm feeling better now. Thank u very much.

Amrita said...

wow!!! looks so awesome...and best of simple!!:D

Thanx, Amrita. Well, I culd now do things tat really simple only.

Nandita said...

Yippppppppe, my favourite baking blog is up and running again! And that too with these delicate beauties...Glad to see you back dear!

Thank u so much, Nandita.

Rashmi said...

Good to have you back Pushpa

Thanx, Rashmi.

mandira said...

Pushpa - so good to see you are back. Hope you are feeling better. The steamed cupcake looks amazing and delicious. Am going to try it this weekend. Looking forward to more posts from you :)

Many thanx, Mandira. I'll try my best to post as regularly as possible.

Sarah said...

Thought as much!!!!.. please take care.. be careful..

Thank u, chechi.

shilpa said... are back...its a great pleasure :D.

As usual, the rose steamed sponge cupcake looks absolutely Yummmmm...Thanks for sharing.

Thank u very much, Shilpa. My pleasure.

praveen said...

its really nice to see you bk, pushpa..was worried bout u...happy to know that ur feeling better now..take care

Yeah, I'm feeling better now. Thanx, Praveen.

Annita said...

nice to see u back,Pushpa..and the cupcake looks heavenly...hope u r perfectly alrite now

Many thanx, Annita. I'm feeling than before but not perfectly alrite yet.

Lakshmi said...

so lovely.......
hope u are fine now.
take care

Thanx to u, Lakshmi. I'm feeling better now.

indosungod said...

Puspha great to have you back, had us worried for a while, the sponge cake looks lovely.
Take care, eat healthy

Thank u very much, Indhu.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Welcome back! Been missing your posts! :)

Thanx, Ching. Hope u're also feeling better now.

Nabeela said...

welcome back pushpa and those cupcakes look gorgeous!!

Thanx, Nabeela.

Krithika said...

Visesham ? That's good to hear. Now you can be forgiven for your absence. Was in Switzerland last month. Missed meeting you. Welcome back. This is a very interesting recipe.

Aww... We've missed each other. Wat a waste? Well, therez always a next time ;o)

Thank u, Krithika. Ya, visesham than.

Shankari said...

Pushpa, so glad you are back and this cupcakes look so beautiful, they are unreal!

Thank u very much, Shankari.

Anonymous said...

Saya orang singapura lah pus..Yr rose cake can eat with kelapa n orange sugar? so sedap lah..tq.


Hi Siti, saya orang Kuala Lumpur. Memang betul pun. Lebih sedap if eaten with kelapa & gula merah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pushpa,
Very easy recipe, want to try it for daughter. couple of questions, Can i use ginger ale or coke for soda water, what is fizzy where can i find it and can i steam it in pressure cooker. Please help me. This will be my first attempt in baking dishes. Wanted to try with a simple one.

Hi whoever u r,

Fizzy water is another name for carbonated water. U can use whatever flavoured drink tat u want to. For me, Sprite would be the best. Or if u live in Malaysia or Singapore, u can use Ice-Cream Soda. I know don't know wat other countries have this drink. I have ever used a pressure cooker to steam cakes but I feel tat a normal steamer wuld do the job better. Let me know of the outcome. Thank u.

Sia's Corner said...

hi pushpa...
pink is my favourite colour... oh no i'm not singing here... i'm droooooooling:) it looks soooooooo delicious... wish i were there to take a bite, a big one;)

Thank u, Supriya. Y don't u give a try as it is so easy & delicious.

Anonymous said...

hi pushpa,
ur recipe looks very inviting. I would like to try it. I have some questions: is it ok to steam the paper cups? I have never tried it. Sorry if i'm naive. Do we get the rose syrup in american stores or else in indian stores?

Hi whoever u r, thank u. U can steam them in paper cups. Tatz how I did it. I wuldn't b able to answer ur 2nd question as I do not live in the US. Anyway, u can always substitute the rose syrup with other flavours like orange, lemon etc.

babe_kl said...

welcome back pusiva, i'm happy to hear dat you're fine

Thanx babe. U'll have to say another "welcome" as I'm coming back home to KL in Feb.

Aruna said...


I am new here, so not sure, anyways wish u good health...

BTW what is "sponge cake stabilizer" can u post a picture of it or the box or package ? Can they be found in the baking aisle ?
Did u use them in ur recipe, bcoz If not, I want to try it right away they look soooo delicious.


Thanx a lot & welcome to the blog, Aruna.

Well, I'm not very sure if this ingredient is available in the US as I do not live there. U culd probably check out at baking supplies shops. Actually, the stabilizer is optional. It is used to hold the eggs when beaten. If u beat properly, u don't really need it.

ana said...


I wish u good health.

I have a question as well, How did u steam them ? did u use a pressure cooker ? please tell me know I just want to try them, they r soooo appealing..


Thank u very much, Ana. I just used a normal steamer.

Anonymous said...

Hi, your sponge cupcake looks real good. Love to give it a try but can i omit the rose syrup or can i replace the syrup with any other things i.e. do i need to add more liquid cos i don't have any syrup at home. TIA!

Sara said...

How unique and pretty!

Kay said...

Pushpa, hope you feeling well now. I missed a lot of blog-action, so, couldnt wish you well earlier.

Happy new year to you and your family! :)

Inji Pennu said...

Is that cake? It looks like strawberry ice cream?? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pushpa,

I'm really glad to come across this blog and recipe! This reminds me of the chinese steamed cups which they sell in pasa malam in Singapore. Is it similar? Do you know what's the name of that?

Also, for the rose syrup, can we use those rose syrup for making drinks sold in supermarkets? Would they taste the same as the one you use in your recipe?

Jeena said...

Hi there, I like your blog! Nice recipe it looks yummy :) Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Click here for jeenas food recipe blog :-)

Shella said...

The cupcakes look worth a dip into them Pushpa. Gorgeous

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