Friday, 16 June 2006

10 Things I Miss Of Mom's Cooking

Revathi of En Ulagam and Sonali of Spicehut have tagged with this excellent meme. It is a great theme that has took me back to the times that I was living with my mom. Many thanks to both of them for making write this nostalgic and mouth-watering meme.

Everyone’s mother is his or her best cook. My mom is no exception. Even all my friends fondly remember her for the delicious food that she serves them. Here is a list of the 10 Food That I Miss Most of Mom's Cooking

Fish Curry
Being the topper is definitely amma’s fish curry. My ex-office mates back home used to adore the aroma of her fish curry. I sometimes just scoop the curry and drink it like soup. Irresistible!!!!

Fish Sambal
I have tried cooking it many times. Not even once have I reached her level. Just too good.

Prawn Sambal
Amma cooks prawn sambal with diced potatoes. The sambal would be that delicious that even the potatoes taste like prawns.

Crab Curry
Amma very rarely cooks crab. Probably just once or twice a year. When she cooks, she will make a big portion. She uses lots of ingredients and grinds them to cook the curry. The taste is remarkable.

Chicken Braised in Soya Sauce
This is a family secret recipe that was passed to amma by my late aunty who was my father’s elder sister. Chicken pieces braised in dark soya sauce and honey with lots of ginger and a few dried chilies. It is a family favourite.

Fried Mee Hoon (Fried Rice Noodles)
Amma uses ingredients such as onions, dried anchovies and dried chillies ground into coarse paste to fry the noodles. It tastes incredible.

Vegetable Soup
Very rich and health packed. I used to wonder if vegetable could be that much tasty. I have never cooked my soup to her level.

Eggy Potatoes and Anchovies
This is amma’s very own creation. Her comfort food at times she do not know what to cook. Whenever she cooks this, she had to cook an extra portion of rice as the normal portion would not be enough.

Semolina Puttu with Dal
Semolina fried with ghee and then, steamed together with coconut. Later, mixed with boiled dal and sugar. This is my favourite. I have tried making it thrice but of no luck of getting the same texture as how amma does it. She makes it so perfectly.

Black Gram Vadei
Amma is a professional vadei maker. She is very famous for her vadei that she used get orders to make them. Now she no more makes for others. My siblings and I have never ever bought vadei from shops because no vadei can beat the vadei that amma makes.

I would like to pass this meme to:
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Pamela said...

Puspha these all sound soo good, the chicken braised in soy is something I would relly like to try!

indianadoc said...

Hmm....Mouthwatering list!!

shilpa said...

Wow.Thats a mouth watering list. I would love to read crab curry recipe on your blog. If possible, please post it. Thanks :).

spicehut said...

A very yummy list, Pushpa. I agree the aroma of curries (while it is cooking) is mouthwatering...acts like a instant appetizer for me !

fooDcrazEE said...

thanx for the tag. Done mine but sounds kinda haphazard like the usual me...chuckle!

Tazz said...

"Everyone’s mother is his or her best cook. My mom is no exception." A very true statement! That's quite similar to what I have written for my draft. *lol*

Kris said...

Chicken Braised in Soya Sauce, that sounds delish! would the recipe be featured in the future?

sudhav said...

Thats a lovely list pushpa..

Puspha said...

Pam~ Thanx. Let me know how it turned out.

Indianadoc~ Thank u.

Shilpa~ Thank u. Yeah, after writing this post, I'm now craving for crab curry. Gonna cook it up soon and sure will post it.

Sonali~ Thank u.

Mike~ Ur most welcome.

Eve~ hehehe :)

Kris~ Yeah, sure. In fact, I plan to blog all the food listed.

Sudha~ Thank u dear.

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