Friday, 23 June 2006

Tag World Confessions

Yet another meme. This time I was tagged by Vaishali of Happy Burp and SudhaV of Samayal. Here we go.....

5 Items in My Freezer

Herbs - Curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass.
Vegetables - Green peas and spinach.
Meat and Seafood - Prawns, fishes and chicken.
Homemade Doughs - Puff pastry, short crust pastry and bread dough.
Egg Whites - Each time I come across a recipe that uses only egg yolks, I safe the egg white by tying it up in a little plastic bag, separately for each egg white.

5 Items in My Closet

Clothes - Each of us have our own closet. Therefore, our clothes are separated. There are more hangers than clothes in my closet. I gave up all my office wardrobes to my sisters when I left Malaysia. Just brought 3 sarees which I use once a year during Malaysian National Day function held by the Embassy.
Handbags - I have a few but use only one. Hardly use the others.
Perfumes - I was a perfumes collector, once upon a time when I was a single. With the high standard of living in Switzerland, had to give up the hobby.
Cosmetics - All of them are from home. Mom sends them every now and then. I had to really hide them away from Mahisha as she is now into grooming.
Jewelries - Never used them ever since I moved to Switzerland. Very sad :(

5 Items in My Car

A Road Map of Bern - Just in case if we could not find a place.
Tamil Audio Cds - For me to listen and for Mahisha to sing and dance along.
Water Bottles - A big bottle for hubby and I. A small bottle for Mahisha.
Gummy Bears - That is the weapon that we use to calm down Mahisha whenever she freaks out in the car.
Tissue Box - Mom brought a pretty cover for the box when she came to Switzerland.

5 Items in My Purse

Malaysian Identity Card - Too used to carrying it around when I was in Malaysia.
Driving Licence - This is the twin sister of my IC. They never part.
ATM Cards - Both Malaysian and Swiss banks.
Shopping Cards - Been collecting the points but never redeemed them. Same happened when I was in Malaysia. Only collected, never redeemed.
Money - Well, the main purpose of carrying a purse is to keep money.

I would like to pass on the meme to:

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Zuraini of Zu's Kitchen
Shilpa of Aayi's Recipes
Paati of En Veetu Samayal
Priya of Priya's Kitchen
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sudhav said...

a true confession pushpa..home made puff pastry that sounds interesting..can pls post a recipe of it..

Revathi said...

I still remember part of that the ad song.

Gummi macht kinder froh und erwachsene ebenso -
Thanks for reminding those to me :)


kanda said...

May GOD bless you....

sudhav said...

Is it your bth day pushpa..if so many many happy returns of the day...

fooDcrazEE said...

dont know the rest but it willbe fun to read Boo's and Zu's entry...hehehehehe. Sari? U wear them in Bern too

Puspha said...

Sudhav~ Yeah, I'll do it soon. Yes, it is. Thanx a lot.

Revathi~ :))

Kanda~ Thank u very much my dear.

Mike~ I wear only once a year lah, during end of summer.

Nandita said...

Hi Pushpa, firstly belated happy birthday ! Hope you had fun!
It's fun to watch a meme travel from place to place- I tagged Vaishali and she in turn tagged you- It made a good read...
And the cake you've baked for your birthday looks gorgeous just like your other baked goodies- have you taken professional baking lessons?

Do come and check this out

Puspha said...

Nandita~ Thank u very much.
Writing is really fun. It made me realise many things tat I didn´t realise all this while.
No, I´ve never taken any course. Just some interest & a little passion.
Checked it out. Wonderful idea. All the best to u.

Neelu said...

I am gainging weight just by seeing the wonderful pcitures ....Ur a baking master ! Good job! I guess I m over late to wish u but sitll Good wishes r always welcome arent they ? Wish u all the best in life !

Puspha said...

Neelu~ Thank u very much. I´m no master baker. Just a simple novice.

I appreciate ur good wishes. Thank u again.

Kay said...

Except cosmetics, everything mewntioned in your closet match mine :)

And oh! you have an account in swiss bank? Wow! I'm impressed! LOL

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