Tuesday, 21 March 2006

It's Spring !!!!

I went to Sri Lanka during Spring 2003, to visit my in-laws. Hubby's aunt cooked up lunch for us once at her home. She made this terrific tomatoe salad. Though 3 years have passed, I just can't forget the taste of the salad. Bought some totatoes to try making it.

This tomatoe salad is so simple and easy to make yet delicious. It has only 3 main ingredients. I added very finely sliced curry leaves for the aroma. Also to boost up the taste.

Tomato Salad

What do we need:

2 ripe tomatoes
1 onion
1 green chilli
1 sprig curry leaves
1/4 tsp sugar
salt to taste

How do we do it:

Slice all the ingredients very thinly. Season with salt and sugar.

Serve cold.


culinary said...

havent try before....something new to me

fooDcrazEE said...

thats simple and delish..almost like a salsa

shawnchin said...

Amazing recipes you have here. Great site!

Will definitely be back for more :)

Kitchenmate said...

Pushpa: So this is the one with Veggie briyani, looks yummy:)
Look at you, how did you chop those green chillies like that:), i would never be able to get them into uniform rings:(
Good one, count me in for this one.

Kay said...

Looks yummy! Sometimes, The simplest dishes are the most tastiest!!!

I'm perplexed like Karthi. How did you slice th tomatoes and onions and green chillies that thin? A special knife?

Puspha said...

Marge: Give it a try. U'll like it.

Mike: Thanx. Anyway, salad is called salsa in Italian & Spanish.

Shawn: Welcome & thank u very much. Glanced thru ur blog. Very nice. R u a Malaysian? Just guessing from the telur gulung tat u made & the spelling of the telur. hehehe :)

Karthi: Thanx. Yep, u've got it rite. Well, actually, made it on ur request. I got used to cutting like that as I'm always rushing against time. When u cut fast, u'll get very fine slices.

Kay: Thanx. U r very correct. As I've told Karthi, I've got to rush while cutting. Of course with bloody experiences. I just use a normal chef's knife.

Kitchenmate said...

Pushpa: Thanks. I am so honored buddy. Will surely try this.

Ashwini said...

I love simple salads like these. They go with either veg or non veg dishes..

Annita said...

goes to my must try list.I haven't tried adding sugar in my salad...Chillies & Sugar...!!!can't wait to taste it...

Shalini said...

the most simplest... can be done in a jiffy and looks like will get over in the same speed...;-)

Has to be me said...

Hi Pushpa

WOW! Ur site is just so interesting! I gotta try most of the things mentioned here! I love baking but I am no expert....should learn many things from u!

The salad is so simple but sounds so yum n tasty! Shall try it out.

Great going!

Puspha said...

Karthi: My pleasure.

Ashwini: Yeah ur rite. Give it a try.

Annita: Let me know how u like it.

Shalini: Welcome to my blog. I'm adding u in my blogroll. Ur Samayal rombe rusiya iruku.

Hastobeme: Thank u & welcome to my blog. Well, me too not an expert. Still have to learn a lot. We shld learn from each other, anyway.
Do let me know how like the salad.

Shalini said...

thx pushpa!

Menu Today said...

I tried your salad, it came out very nice. It had a combination of sweet and sour.

Puspha said...

shalini: Ur most welcome.

Menu today: Hey, u have very fast hands. Anyway, I'm glad tat u liked it.

jadepearl said...

Wow..a simple and delicious dish! Really got to try this..thanks!!! :)

Kay said...

I tried this, fast, as you said, but ended up with a squishy mess! :) LOL IT tasted great, though.

Next time, I'm going to go real slow and see if it looks anything like yours, Pushpa!

Puspha said...

JP: Ur most welcome. Let me know how u liked it.

Kay: Never mind the look. As long as u like the taste is good enuf. Glad tat u liked it :)

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Nothing better than a tasty tomato salad in a hot summer day! Hugs,

Puspha said...

thanx Melissa :)

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