Thursday, 25 May 2006

Ginger Rice

Ginger has a refreshing lemony aroma and a warm pungent taste. This rhizome has been used in cooking and baking for centuries. I incorporate ginger in almost all of my cookings.

My mom cooks excellent ginger rice. I wish to share the recipe with everyone.

Ginger Rice

What do we need:

2 cups rice
3 cups water
1 tbsp ghee or butter
1 inch ginger
1 inch cinammon stick
1 lemon grass, bruised
2 cloves
2 cardamom pods

How do we do it:

Wash the rice and drain. Set aside.

Julienne the ginger. Set aside.

Switch on the rice cooker. Melt the ghee or butter. Add the julienned ginger, cinnamon stick, bruised lemon grass, cloves & the cardamoms seeds. Fry until it is aromatic. Add the rice. Fry for 5 minutes. Pour in the water. Season with salt. Cook until done.

Ginger rice with Acar and Mutton Masala

Serve ginger rice warm with ur favourite curry and vegetables.


Nabeela said...

my mom makes dill rice almost the same way.....isn't it wonderful to have a heavenly smelling rice to go along with plain everyday curries?

BDSN said...

ginger rice is something i have never heard of...wonderful recipe...

spicehut said...

This sounds interesting Pushpa. Is there any substitute for ginger ? I would love to make this soon.

Kitchenmate said...

Never heard about this ginger rice.. never.. how abt the flavor in the rice.. strong? or doesn't show off that much??? Interesting and i want to give it a try!

spicehut said...

He he...I meant to ask...Is there any substitute for 'lemon grass' :) ?

shilpa said...

Thats a very interesting recipe. I too have same question...any replacement for lemon grass??

Menu Today said...

Hi Pushpa,
I think it is similar to Thai Coconut Rice. Your Version without coconut milk. I liked your version. Thanx for sharing.

sandy said...

Me, hungry already !

Great Pics. Er What camera you use ?

Sarah said...

when I gave birth, the makcik from the morning market came to see the baby and made some ginger rice for me... it was so yummy.. thanks for the recipe.. aiyaa you make me miss malaysia more each day la!!!

Puspha said...

Nabeela~ Xactly!!!! Hey dill rice sounds interesting. Will give it a try.

bdsn~ Give it a go & let me know how it turned out.

Sonali & Shilpa~ Thanx. Well, I don't think therez any subs for lemon grass. Actually, itz a M'sian thingy of using lemon grass in almost all of our cooking. It gives a beautiful aroma & a wonderful taste to the food.

Karthi~ The ginger looses itz raw flavour when being fried with the butter or ghee. Hence, the final output (the cooked rice) has a mild gingery taste & aroma.

Menu today~ Do u mean nasii lemak? Some people cook nasi lemak with ginger too. Let me know of the outcome.

Sandy~ Thanx & welcome to my blog. I use a Nikon D50. A gift from my hubby to the blog.

Sarah Chechi~ Y do u think I've been cooking more & more m'sian dishes? Coz I miss home lah!!!!! Hoping to go back home by year end & dive into all the food.

geetha said...

Hmmm, the ginger rice sounds yummy. The rest of your recipes look good too. *mouth watering* :P

I don't seem to be able to get to your other blog.. :(

indosungod said...

I have never tried making ginger rice before or rather never heard of it but am going to try, I have some ginger lovers at home.

Cooking Theory said...

Love the concept of Ginger Rice. Never tasted before. Sounds interesting, will give it a try this weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Vineela said...

Hi pushpa,
Love the recipe.I will definetly try it .Innovative.
Thank you.

boo_licious said...

Hope you make it back to KL end of the yr! The ginger rice looks good, never knew you could add it in rice until I read yr blog entry.

Lera said...

pushpa,The combo on the plate looks so appetising ..I can imagine the taste of fresh ginger aroma infused Rice :)

fooDcrazEE said...

hmmm...thats interesting....

rokh said...

sounds good. will try it out when i cook curry

YD said...

mmmm... ginger, spices, a traditional great way to cook rice! I love this method a lot, but now being away from home country Malaysia, and price of spices in London is exorbitant, I have to make do without the spices. sob sob.. .miss home.

tony said...

amazingly simple recipe.. thanks

Sury said...

Wow, what a nice innovation with rice. Must get to cooking this soon!

Puspha said...

Geetha~ Welcome to the blog. Thanx a lot for the compliments. I'm so pleased to c a fellow m'sians commenting here.

Indosungod, Cooking thery, Vineela, Rachel, Sury~ Thank u very much. Please let me know how u all like it.

Boo~ Thanx & welcome to the blog. Pray for me lah. I really wanna go home *sob*

lera~ Thank u very much. The combo was super good.

Mike~ Very the sedap wan lah. Come on go give it try.

yd~ Thanx & welcome to the blog. More fellow m'sians. Am I glad or wat? :) R spices tat expensive in London? I tot itz quite reasonable in the Indian & Sri Lankan shops.

Tony~ Itz not just amazingly simple, amazingly delicious too. Give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pushpa

Thanks for this wonderful and yet very simple to make rice dish. I guess it would be soothing and filling for the stomach. Keep coming with such unique recipe ideas. Chk here for a whole lot of pulaos and baths and variety rice:

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